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Scripting . Content . Styling

Once the design phase is complete, and you have signed off on the direction of your idea, then ID can begin the development stage.


Custom design frequently implies custom software functionality. Any idea which can be illustrated, can become a reality with today's software languages.
Based upon the earlier design phase, ID will script your ideas so that they will operate correctly on your web based or content management environment.

Content Application

Most web based application have significant content management requirement, like rich text, databases, multi media, social media integration and so on.
To satisfy these requirements ID will apply your content to the best possible web based environment for both your idea and its operation.


Custom designed ideas simply can not be executed correctly within pre-existing templates, without having to make comprises.
Because of this ID custom styles all web development to a pixel-perfect standard, on all devices specified by the finalized designs.

In addition should you need any tools to help your idea go live, id has an array of cloud-based office and web hosting tools, to bring your idea to the masses.