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Research . Design . Refine


To achieve great design ID conducts a research phase to get a deeper understanding of your idea, your organization, its operations and your end users needs.
Doing this results in solid foundation from which to base the design and functions of your web solution.


Based on the criteria established through this in depth research, ID employs a process of design and refinement where we work closely with you and your team in order to achieve the highest possible results.
Designs will be rendered to a 100% pixel-perfect standard for all major device types specified. This way you ca visualize how your idea will look and feel on all devices and in all possible scenarios before publishing.


Design is the process of manifesting complex ideas in visual form, which can be very subjective.
Because of this subjectivity all of ID's designs engage in a multi-stage critique and refinement process to ensure the designed idea is realized to the highest possible standard.

Once the design stage is completed, and you are content with the look, feel and direction of your project, we the move onto the development stage.

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