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Who we are

Independent Development (ID) is a team of designers and developers who have a passion for getting your creative ideas realized on the web. We’re based in Peterborough, Ontario and have worked with many different companies over the last 15 years to help enable creative web based solutions all over the world. We’re a dedicated and responsive team that are keen to take on your next web based challenge with you.

What we do

Custom user interface design, web development, project management and application support with our 4-stage end-to-end development process.

The process begins with the design and technical illustrations of your idea. Once detailed through drawings we move forward and can make an informed decision on the right technology for the project. ID will begin to develop and code, along with providing a host of services that can help manage your project from end to end and support it into the future.

We have the right tools for the job

All web based projects require real infrastructure. For more than 10 years ID continues to provide the latest technology to build your projects upon. This includes, web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, malware protection, web based office tools, and more.

How we can help

If you have a project that you would like to see realized on the web, then we would love to connect with you and learn more about your idea. Contact us!

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