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Recurring Website & Database Backup

Find, fix and prevent with Sitelock web security.

id has partnered with global site security leader SiteLock* to ensure piece of mind when it comes to the safety & security of your website and database. Much like a website security guard 24/7, SiteLock* routinely scans the entire file structure of the site and contrasts it against previous scans as well as an ever growing database of web-based malware, viruses and exploits.

If malware, a virus or a site exploit is discovered, then Sitelock immediately notifies our team and the removal process begins.


Manage . Innovate

Project Management

ID is expert at the most difficult aspect of custom design and development of any web based asset - Project Management.

Ensuring that all of the required tasks for your idea are completed on-time, and on-budget is ID's primary focus.

To ensure a seamless project from beginning to end, ID assigns a project manager in order to centralize all tasks, files, critiques and project communications into one easy to understand system.

On-going Innovation

In addition to the initial project, ID can provide on-going innovation management.
Innovation Management is the ongoing process of design and development to adapt your web based asset as need and technology changes in order to stay relevant in the industry and also to ensure your web based asset is always in line with your business as it changes and grows.


Backup . Maintain . Upgrade

Scheduled Backups

To ensure continued operations even through technical difficulties ID's support plans maintain multiple back ups of your web based applications.
These backed up environments allow for future innovations to occur without disturbing live web based assets.


Once your idea has been published on the Internet, it is paramount to ensure that your site continues to operate as designed.

ID can assist your team achieve their web based goals through education and management.


Understanding your Content Management System (CMS) or other web based application is important for you to freely operate.
ID can provide on-site training, or one on one sessions with your team to assist in day to day operations.


Some of our customers prefer that ID manages their web assets on their behalf.
However if you prefer to operate and manage your web based asset, ID will find a management solution to suit your businesses needs.

System Upgrades

The nature of the World Wide Web is constant improvements, which means change - the systems in place now will adapt as time and tech moves forward.
Upgrades are necessary in order to keep up and stay ahead of known software exploits and ID can help you navigate this with ease. We offer a structured Upgrade schedule for your web based asset(s), or can assist by building a schedule for upgrades that will suit your companies needs. 


Scripting . Content . Styling

Once the design phase is complete and you have signed off on the direction of your idea, ID will then begin the development stage. This means that the main structure of the site or tech product, much like the foundation of a building, has been considered and signed off on. This initial stage is incredibly important - design is the blueprint for how ID will proceed with building the project and how it will function.


Custom design frequently implies custom software functionality. Any idea which can be illustrated can become a reality with today's software languages.
Based upon the earlier design phase, ID will script your ideas so that they will operate correctly on your web based or content management environment.

Content Application

Most web based applications have significant content management requirements, like rich text, databases, multi media, social media integration and so on.
To satisfy these requirements ID will apply your content to the most suitable web based environment for both your idea and its operation.


Custom designed ideas simply can not be executed correctly within pre-existing templates, without having to make compromises on both the design and the functionality of a project.
Because of this ID custom styles all web development to a pixel-perfect standard and on all devices specified by the finalized designs.

In addition, should your project require any tools to help your idea go live, ID has an array of cloud-based office and web hosting tools, to bring your idea to the masses.


Research . Design . Refine


To achieve great design ID conducts a research phase to get a deeper understanding of your idea, your organization, its operations and your end users needs.
Doing this results in solid foundation from which to base the design and functions of your web solution.


Based on the criteria established through this in depth research, ID employs a process of design and refinement where we work closely with you and your team in order to achieve the highest possible results.
Designs will be rendered to a 100% pixel-perfect standard for all major device types specified. This way you ca visualize how your idea will look and feel on all devices and in all possible scenarios before publishing.


Design is the process of manifesting complex ideas in visual form, which can be very subjective.
Because of this subjectivity all of ID's designs engage in a multi-stage critique and refinement process to ensure the designed idea is realized to the highest possible standard.

Once the design stage is completed, and you are content with the look, feel and direction of your project, we the move onto the development stage.